Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weddings are expensive!

What is it about the white dress and the flower pedals? What is it about my age that everybody is rushing down the aisle in puppy love and plenty of debt? I have read about the most expensive wedding:
The world's most expensive wedding was thrown by Lakshmi Mittal for his daughter Vanisha Mittal and and her fiancée Amit Bhatia on June 22 2004.

The wedding was held at Vaux le Vicomte a 17th-century French chateau on the final day of a 6 day celebration.

The estimated reported cost of the wedding celebration came in at a mere $60 million USD.

Lakshmi Mittal also holds the record for owning the world's most expensive house.
I suppose it makes sense for the oober rich to own the most expensive house and throw the most expensive shindig.

I'm beginning to think about my own wedding and the madness that will surround it. Will I be a bride-zilla? Will I be a barefoot bride? Only time will tell-- and my Mother.

When asked "What is the craziest thing you've ever seen at a wedding?" THESE photographers have hilarious and unsettling answers! Can you believe some of this stuff actually takes place in front of all one's family and friends?
"I have seen brides: knock over their cake, publicly vomit from drinking too much, stagger into the video tripod and almost knock it over, smoking dope, snorting cocaine, open gift envelopes to pay the caterer and myself, punch out her best friend, attempt to dance on a table that collapsed, get caught in a compromising situation with the best man during the reception. They get worse, so I will stop here."

"A 'kegstand' as I saw it was where the bride and groomsmen each took turns being held upside down over a keg of beer and attempt to see who can drink the most/longest."

"Craziest thing I've seen a bride do was go through with the wedding after the groom, in response to the question 'Do you take this woman, etc?' said 'Ummm, I guess so.' "

"The craziest thing I've seen a groom do is ask me for my assistant's phone number...for the best man, of course."
What you should never, ever do at your wedding! You read for yourself! :)