Thursday, November 16, 2006

My return to the blogging world

After taking a hiatus from blogging the past few months I have come back to my senses. After beginning the application process to teach English in China I panicked-- a world war could go on and I wouldn't even know! No more news, no more blogs (I read a few dozen!), no more political and social thought! Ick! Then my normal flow of political, social, spiritual, and why-are-we-living-this-life thoughts began to invade my brain. It would be too clique to say "I couldn't eat! I couldn't sleep!" I just had to blog.
My blogs: news, politics, thoughts, current events, cultural stuff, religious ramblings, thoughts of society and the world today-- whatever fills my brain and leaps into words on screen. pretty self-explanatory. I take a fairly neutral stance on Bush, sometimes bashing him, sometimes encouraging the media to give him a break. All in moderation, of course. Very U.S. government news heavy. So that's that. Hi. Engage me.

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