Thursday, November 16, 2006

Media spins story over the top

Today headlines filled my feeds about an ice skating rink in Alabama that was torn apart in a thunderstorm. The worst part? The building had 31 preschoolers in it. Headlines looked like this:

Storm destroys skating rink full of preschoolers  (
Storm Destroys Montgomery Skating Rink, Preschoolers Inside (
Devastating Storms Leave Death, Destruction (wdiv)
Storm destroys Montgomery skating rink full of children (The Decatur Daily)
Storm wrecks skate rink; kids inside (Yahoo! News)
Storms wreck Ala. skate rink filled with preschoolers (San Diego Union Tribune)
Preschoolers Hurt in Stormy Weather (First Coast News)
Children escape death in storm (

Hmmm. Where did your mind go while reading those? Did you think about Columbine,or  the Tsnami? Well, once you click the link and actually read the story you learn that one kid suffered a broken arm and another got a cut. NO ONE DIED. Granted, there was great danger and trauma for the children. But on-line publications are desperate for people to view their ads. They have to spice up headlines, especially ones that play into human emotion... Thanks for conning me into viewing ads, crapfaces. At the expense of kids. Geez.

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