Thursday, November 16, 2006

Media spins story over the top

Today headlines filled my feeds about an ice skating rink in Alabama that was torn apart in a thunderstorm. The worst part? The building had 31 preschoolers in it. Headlines looked like this:

Storm destroys skating rink full of preschoolers  (
Storm Destroys Montgomery Skating Rink, Preschoolers Inside (
Devastating Storms Leave Death, Destruction (wdiv)
Storm destroys Montgomery skating rink full of children (The Decatur Daily)
Storm wrecks skate rink; kids inside (Yahoo! News)
Storms wreck Ala. skate rink filled with preschoolers (San Diego Union Tribune)
Preschoolers Hurt in Stormy Weather (First Coast News)
Children escape death in storm (

Hmmm. Where did your mind go while reading those? Did you think about Columbine,or  the Tsnami? Well, once you click the link and actually read the story you learn that one kid suffered a broken arm and another got a cut. NO ONE DIED. Granted, there was great danger and trauma for the children. But on-line publications are desperate for people to view their ads. They have to spice up headlines, especially ones that play into human emotion... Thanks for conning me into viewing ads, crapfaces. At the expense of kids. Geez.

My return to the blogging world

After taking a hiatus from blogging the past few months I have come back to my senses. After beginning the application process to teach English in China I panicked-- a world war could go on and I wouldn't even know! No more news, no more blogs (I read a few dozen!), no more political and social thought! Ick! Then my normal flow of political, social, spiritual, and why-are-we-living-this-life thoughts began to invade my brain. It would be too clique to say "I couldn't eat! I couldn't sleep!" I just had to blog.
My blogs: news, politics, thoughts, current events, cultural stuff, religious ramblings, thoughts of society and the world today-- whatever fills my brain and leaps into words on screen. pretty self-explanatory. I take a fairly neutral stance on Bush, sometimes bashing him, sometimes encouraging the media to give him a break. All in moderation, of course. Very U.S. government news heavy. So that's that. Hi. Engage me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

lawsuits and the rich

Sicko O.J. Simpson is after money... your money... and he wants your coffee table to be his pulpit. Simpson is publishing a book!! hahahahahaha. I don't often use IM-speak in blogs, but this situation necessitates it. HAHAHA. O.J. Simpson is publishing a book called "If I Did It" in which he explains how he "hypothetically" would have killed his wife and her friend. Regan books is publishing the trash-bloid. "This is an historic case, and I consider this his confession," Regan told The Associated Press. Exactly. Anyone ever notice how easy the rich have it? Here's one prime example...:

The former football star was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his
ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman after a trial that became an instant cultural flashpoint.

He was later found liable for the deaths by in a civil wrongful-death suit filed by the Goldman family. In the years since, he has been mocked relentlessly by late-night comedians, particularly for his vow to hunt down the true killers.

Simpson has failed to pay the $33.5 million judgment against him in the civil suit. His NFL pension and his Florida home cannot legally be seized. He and the families of the victims have wrangled over the money in court for years. (CNN.COM, digg it)