Friday, July 28, 2006

More power to women worldwide
A hidden gem of lucsious value! "Sister" Solje teaches us an invaluable lesson. Through the website, she has sponsored a woman from a war-torn country. She blogs of her experience,
I decided to make a purchase at the Women for Women International’s Virtual Bazaar–items created by the women being helped through this organization. I purchased a handbag that was made by my sisters in Kosovo, banana leaf note cards by my sisters in Rwanda, and a bracelet created by my sisters in Afghanistan. When I opened the package today of these items, I held them and thought about how each of my sister’s histories led her to this organization. It made me feel that the struggles I go through on a day to day basis literally pales in comparison. Today, I wear the bracelet knowing it’s a physical item that can link me at every minute of the day to a sister who is on the road to becoming an independent woman. Quite possibly a woman who has a history of such horrific atrocities, that I can’t even begin to fathom how her will to survive was stronger than the desire to give up.
"Sister" Solje is currently going through the adoption process. She has created and posted a beautiful and artistic on-line photo on-line scrapbook slideshow here. It just warms my heart. The adoption process is a beautiful one. A homeless and family-less child is ingrafted into loving arms. The Adoption Institute reports that there are 1.5 million adopted children in the United States, over 2% of all U.S. children. About 60% of Americans have a personal connection to adoption. Back on topic. The Women For Women website promotes a message that men and women worldwide can and should support. They are not a feminist movement. In a letter they wrote explaining the danger to women and children caused by the Israeli/Lebanon crisis, they explain their movement:
As advocates for women, Women for Women International believes that before engaging in war, any and all non-violent methods should be used to resolve conflict.... The international community must do all it can to ensure that women do not continue to be the invisible casualties of war and that their perspectives on and participation in peace, security and development is ensured. (here)
The organization hosts on their website a bazaar where shoppers can buy gifts made by women in war-torn countries that the program supports. What better way to make an unselfish purchase, perhaps even better as a gift for friends or family? I think the gifts promote awareness and humility. The gift shop is here: Empowering women. And it's not about feminism!!! Hoorah. Too many good intentions get lost promoting feminism. The point isn't to be better than men (or anybody else), but equality. Don't you think? "Sister" Solje is a great example of a woman empowering other women around the world.

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