Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freedom of Speech... continued

Today's Freedom of Speech headline news...
-American University professors are signing a petition that denounces Israel's aggression against Lebanon. One thousand American professors have signed the document that says Israel is wronging Lebanon in the Israeli/Hezbollah crisis.(read more, digg this). Perhaps it is American university professors who have unlimited freedom of speech and unlimited listening ears.
-Apple misquoted. LOL. Correction: "iPods built to last 'for years,' not 'four years'" (read more)
-And lastly, another Jihad tragedy. Just today, a Muslim man opens fire at a Jewish Center in Seattle, killing one woman. The shooter also injured five others, including a pregnant woman. The only information known at this time about the shooter is that he is an American and a Muslim.(read more, digg this)
Ok, this isn't a "freedom of speech" blog or a Jihad-following blog. It's just been on my mind a lot today and I think there are events everyday that are related to the struggle that comes with the freedom of speech. There are also many events that happen because of the struggle between Muslims and the rest of the world. Today they especially mingle. I'm glad I have the freedom to blog about it and try to process it.

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